Sacred Energy Extraordinaire

What were you taught about sex? Did your parents educate you or not? Was your education what you saw between them or what was missing? Are you self-taught? There is nothing wrong in venturing out, teaching yourself. Who were your teachers? Was one of your teachers the older girl or boy on your block who seduced or molested you?

Men, did you learn what women like from watching Porn? Oops, how is that working for you? Ladies, did you get your ideas about what men are like from your mother? And, did she like men? Were your mother and father healthy loving parents? Did they show affection in front of you kids? Do you have kids now? Do you show any love, passion or affection in front of them? It matters not how young or old they are. If you do not show affection and passion; why Not? Where else are they going to learn about how two loving individuals behave if not at home?

Sexual Energy is the high powered octane that is meant for race cars to come in first and win the challenge. SEX, is what helps you deal with everyday challenges. It brings a glow to your soul and lightness to your step. When you get the sexual intimacy you need you are happier, more relaxed, a better person and much easier to live with.

Sex can become routine and lose its vim and vigor. You can take your car for a tune up, tire rotation, oil change, and the car will run better. Maintenance Sex keeps you running. Better than nothing at all for sure. But, it does not blow your skirts up! HOW do you experience Sacred Energy Extraordinaire? First, are you having any sex at all? Are you actually intimate with each other? Do you take 20 to 30 minutes for foreplay? Do you snuggle in each other’s arms with after-play? Do you have the basics down?

It is not about cock and pussy. Well, not at first anyway. The whole body is a psychic –kinetic, electro-magnetic energy source. Are you accessing it? Are you igniting the electricity? What turns you on? It is not always the physical touch. Passionate desires are seen through the eyes, the facial expression in the silence, the longing to touch and waiting, the desire to be touched and the waiting. The tease is a lost art form! Teasing and flirting is frowned upon by our culture. And it is the spark that lights the fuse smoldering in a slow burn till you are consumed by the fire of passion. Can you be the freedom in the center of the flame expressing yourself with sound, movement, hands, tongues, bodies ravenous to be touched, giving yourself and receiving the other? Can you let go of all limitations, be one with Great Spirit GOD and your partner? Can you be that FREE?

SEX teaches you how to be free if you free up your sexual inhibitions. Great Spirit created your body to experience Sacred Energy Extraordinaire. It is the universal life force energy that courses thru every rock, plant, animal and human. It is what connects you to something greater than yourself. Do not stop your sexual energy because you are aging. Do not limit your expression because of what your grandparents taught your parents and they taught you. Discover for yourself the gift Great Spirit gave you to be alive, whole and sexually active no matter your history, your physical health or your age. Sacred Energy Extraordinaire heals the human spirit and physical temple of the soul.