September is the beginning of Fall and everything in nature will change. Time is flying by. How do you handle time? Do the weeks fly by? When you end each evening do you feel good about the day or are there Not enough hours for the amount of life you need to get done? Is life turning out the way you thought it would when you were younger and dreaming of possibilities?

Why am I asking you these questions? Have you considered them? Life is an event that takes place every minute of the day with or without your direction. Do you want to be at the end of your life only to realize that it was not the life you wanted for yourself? How proactive can you be with the changes you desire that would make your life better? It is easy to blame others from childhood, or statements of too old to change your ways now. And that is a crock. The only thing we actually have control over is our self and our attitude toward self, life and others. What ever happened in your life you are here now and your life is your own for you to direct.

So what would you change? Can you pick one thing and set your intent to begin the process. Get the wheels turning. Sometimes it takes a crisis; a loss of a loved one, a divorce, a physical injury, or a loss of your job, your business or bankruptcy. It always takes a good look in the mirror. What will it take for you to change and make yourself and your life a better reflection of your highest possibilities? 

What are you trying to teach yourself is a good question to ask oneself whenever you a are feeling the victim, stuck in your life, down trodden, over booked, overworked, not enough sex or intimacy. Have you learned the lesson you have been repeating month after month or relationship after relationship, year after year. Are you stuck in a cycle and just plain unhappy but do not know how to let go and find a new way to live life. It is not always easy but often times it is simple and starring you in the face, if you would face up to it. It takes a commitment to self to be the best you can possible be Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, Spiritually and Sexually. And you do this for self, life and others. Be a part of the solution not the problem.

If someone offers you a possible solution can you look at it or are you in denial about change being your responsibility? Have you given up on yourself? Are you accepting your life circumstances as your lot in life? How have you been a part of manifesting your life even if you are not happy in it? It takes a warrior, male or female and courage to make your life an expression of your best self and not settle for less.

That includes your LOVE LIFE, SEX LIFE AND INTIMACY. Yes, not one aspect of your life can go untouched. Do you need more intimacy, passion and sex to feel alive? Can you accept that your needs and desires are valid and natural? Can you have a higher or lower sex drive then your partner and not make her or him wrong? How can you get your basic needs met? First you need to acknowledge that your need for sex and intimacy do not make you “over or under sexed”. Do not compare yourself with your friends, your lovers or how your parents were. You are an individual with your own needs. Own it and now do something about it. Talk to your significant other and let them know what is and is not working. They may not like to talk about sex and that cannot stop you. Or come to me as a Marriage, Relationship Sex Counselor and I can help you both understand your personal needs and how to provide for each other. 

Sexuality is the hub of the wheel that runs your life. If the hub is out, the spokes are out of alignment and that makes for a bumpy ride in life. The spokes are your Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual states of being. Work on having a great “Sex/Intimacy life” and the rest will reflect your sense of wellbeing.

It is September, time is flying by. The time is now for you to own your life and live it with dignity, passion, adventure and awaken to all you can be.