Hunting Season is Here –
Wild Game or Sexual Pleasure

I don’t know if there is much difference. Sometimes you get your game and sometimes you miss the target and go home empty handed.

Hunting sexual pleasure is a full time adventure available 12 months out of the year. Hunting game, you need to decide if you are a bow hunter, trapper, or prefer a rifle and what kind of rifle? Do you like laser sights or hard core old fashioned open sights? You need to determine what you are hunting; antelope, bear, bighorn, bison, deer, elk, javelin. Or do you prefer birds; grouse, pheasant, quail, turkey, or waterfowl? And you are limited to the time of year and how long you can go out and hunt. If hunting sexual pleasure was limited, and you needed to have proficiency in your technique and skill level you may be more successful. 

Men, when you go to the local neighborhood watering hole there are a lot of “pussy cats” prowling & howling at the full moon their need to mate. Do you recognize their prowess and can you meet it with your own strength? Women like men who are confident, not cocky. Go out hunting with a cocky attitude and see how much game you bring home.

Ladies when you are at the watering hole do you notice how the men walk and talk. Shoulders back, head held high like a proud lion or are they the agile antelope type. Do you recognize when they are on the hunt? Can you meet their masculinity with your feminine strength meeting their desire with your own? No game playing though it may sound like it. When chemistry clicks you can have an amazing adventure.

 When it comes to women and men hunting sexual pleasure, I actually think it may be easier for you men to hunt game. And it may be allot more fun. There is nothing quite like spending time in the woods, camping under the stars or tucked nicely away in a cabin. Hanging with your buddies or spending time alone with Mother Nature. At least you can develop survival skills that few men have now days. I hope I am wrong about that statement. I personally prefer a man that can hunt, shoot a hand gun and a rifle with skill and proficiency as I do.

Women let’s not leave you out. I think women can hunt their sexual pleasures easier than men. If a woman wants to make love and there is a man in close proximity if she is bold tempered with sensuality, he will get her message and be happy to oblige. The problem is that the feminine human species is not guided by animal instinct releasing animalistic scent to trigger the male species to mount and mate. Women need romance, gentle touching and a man who knows how to kiss and awaken her deep desires. She needs to be made love to or ravaged depending on how horney she is. Women really do not date. Even with a one night stand a woman would love for the man to call her the next day as he is flying out and tell her how magnificent she was and he will think of her for the rest of his life. Ahhh, there is the relationship from afar. Perhaps one day he would return to renew the 8 hour relationship from the watering hole to the bed to the kiss goodbye. 

Men you do know on a gut level, that it is the women who do the choosing. You can hunt her, track her, flirt with her, wine her and dine her and bottom line either she chooses you or not. And when She chooses You, your hunt is successful.

I think it is easier to just put in for a tag for your favorite game and hope you get the area you desire. Go and have fun trekking thru the forest, establishing your blinds where the game trails cross in front of you then hunker down before daybreak with a good rifle in your hand, a warm wool jacket on, until first light breaks the dawn and that beautiful 4 legged crosses your path. Can you just taste the venison now? Or Elk is even better. Be sure and thank the animal for its “give away” to you. Honor its life and its death. That is a good night or day’s work. Very rewarding.

And it is rewarding if a man or a woman goes hunting for game meat. Men and woman have basic instinctual differences and yet there is such a strong desire to share your life with a mate. When the hormones are balanced and a woman feels like a woman and a man rejoices in his balanced masculinity, then this is a perfect fit. And Great Spirit has a sense of humor for men and women use different sides of their brain. This makes communication very challenging. You need to learn to make the same sounds as the game you are hunting to get their attention. Men need to learn how to speak Womanglish and women need to learn how to speak Manglish. It is not that hard to learn how to talk and how to listen to the other. Much like hunting your game, you must listen for their sounds and movement to know what your next move is. Good luck hunting your sexual pleasures too.