SANTA, “Can You Bring Me, All The Sex I Desire?”

Have you ever had all the sex, passion and intimacy you desire? Have you had it for a weekend when ...
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I Am Thankful for My Body.

November is more than eating Turkey till our bellies are extended beyond comfort. It is more than celebrating the brave ...
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Hunting Season is Here –
Wild Game or Sexual Pleasure

I don’t know if there is much difference. Sometimes you get your game and sometimes you miss the target and ...
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September is the beginning of Fall and everything in nature will change. Time is flying by. How do you handle ...
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Mature Men Want Their Women to Initiate

When men are young they have a sex drive that would drive a herd of elephants to stampeding. They are ...
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Celebrating July Fireworks
How to Keep Your Passion Alive!

How you keep your passion alive is not what you think! Of course, I have not a clue as to ...
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Things Are Heating Up in Phoenix
Are You?

Everywhere you look the Phoenix landscape is blooming. The explosion of blossoms may be causing your eyes to water and ...
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Sacred Energy Extraordinaire

What were you taught about sex? Did your parents educate you or not? Was your education what you saw between them ...
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When was the last time you felt the joy of having a new lover in your life? Even if you ...
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Is It Ok to Be Highly Sexual as You Age?

What have you been taught over your lifetime about Sex and Aging? What have you observed with parents and others ...
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