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The most difficult subject to talk about, even after years of being with someone, is your sex life. The frustration from not getting your sexual needs met can
be devastating.

Your first initial session is to see if we are a match. I am an expert in my field. From testimonials of others you can see my integrity. I will not work with you if I do not have the skills you need.

I work with couples and individuals. Are you dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, Early (Premature) Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation (it's too much work to ejaculate), Loss of Libido – no matter your age. Are you dealing with the death of your partner followed by years of celibacy?

Is your experience limited with Female Orgasms? Do you have Female Ejaculations from your G-spot and or are you not interested? Do you know how to help your partner to have female ejaculations?

Is your Relationship falling apart? No sex for months at a time? Not talking about it?

I will not waste your time or money.

You have a problem? You can go to a dentist with a toothache or a doctor if you are sick, but if you have a sexual problem, it is still a "taboo" to go for SEX THERAPY for most people.

Overcome your embarrassment and Work with Me.

No Problems? You just want to become a better lover? You can learn new skills and Sacred Spiritual Sexuality techniques that you may have never
imagined possible.

You will get straight answers to any and all of your questions, sexual issues or self-improvement! Become the lover you desire to be. Become the person you know is inside you.

In Beauty and Strength,

Ina “Speaks Simply” Mlekush

I am now using my Elder Name.


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Your first initial session is to see if we are a match. You need to feel good about how I work with you.

A marriage or committed relationship can be one of the richest, most fulfilling aspects of your life. Over time, however when a problem begins to tear at the fabric of your marriage/relationship causeing deeper problems, it is wise to seek help. Just as you would go to a doctor when your body becomes ill, a marriage counselor can help with the health of your marriage.

Your personal relationship may start out passionate and deeply committed to each other. Over time life happens; career pressure, raising children, small issues that are never resolved and a wall gets built between you. The passion closes down or you have “maintenance sex” which is ok but the spark is barely burning.

Perhaps one of you is growing, spiritually evolving and the other appears to be stuck in the old patterns. This can cause dissonance leading to emotional separation in the relationship, living together non-sexually.

Do you need help? Do you still love your partner and want to fix your relationship so you can both be happy again, most of the time, happy?

Your relationship can be a gift as you learn to navigate the hard times and rejoice in the good times.

If your partner will not attend counseling then come by yourself. One person growing in a relationship changes the relationship.

Please contact me at 623 465-9161 to schedule an appointment. Take the first step today.


You can go to a dentist with a toothache or a doctor if you are sick, but if you have a sexual problem is it still a "taboo" for you to go to a SEX THERAPIST? When communication breaks down in a relationship your sex life usually closes down too.

If you cannot talk with your partner, please call and speak with me.

Your intimacy and sex life are a key to your longevity and happiness.

Sex therapy goes beyond the bedroom. I help couples learn how to agree and reconnect in respectful, caring ways that aid not only in the growth of their sex life but in their relationship as a whole. I help you learn how to think in new ways and teach you techniques that aid both you and your partner in deriving your full, personal pleasure from your intimacy.

Is your Relationship falling apart? No sex for months at a time? Not talking about it? Which one of you wants to be intimate, sexual? Which one does not and why?

No Problems in your Sex Life? You just want to become better, for your lover? You can learn new skills and Sacred Spiritual Sexuality techniques that will increase your energy, passion, ability to bring pleasure to another, and explore your own intimate expressions.

When doing Marriage/Relationship/Sex counseling you need straight answers to any and all of your questions. Become the lover you desire, create the relationship you know is possible

Are you dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, Early (Premature) Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation (it's too much work and takes too long to ejaculate), Loss of Libido no matter your age? Has death taken your partner and you have been celibate for years?

As you get older do you realize you need and miss intimacy; foreplay, snuggling before and after. Do you need more of a warmup time different then when you were a young man?

Do not give up.

There are solutions and working with the right sex therapist can make all the difference in your world.

Do you know if you have an orgasm? Have you ever self-pleasured or have you been taught it is wrong?

Do you have clitoral orgasms?

Do you know how to have a Female Ejaculation from your G-spot (female prostate)?

Do you need more intimacy; time in foreplay, having your entire body touched gently awakening until you are ready for greater passion and intensity.

Learning to ask for what you need and desire is a first step. Learning HOW to ask your partner is part of the reward of being satisfied.

Do not give up. It is worth the time and effort to work with a sex therapist who can help you have the kind of intimate relationship you desire.

Sex and intimacy are not one-size-fits-all. Your sexuality is as unique as you are and deserves to be treated as such. To Thine Self be True. Agreements you make are apt to be broken along with hearts without making good agreements first with yourself then with your significant other. Agreements are the foundation of any relationship, personal or business. Build the foundation strong and it can weather any storm life presents.

I work with both traditional couples and those who practice alternative lifestyles.

I create an open, nurturing non-judgmental environment that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Many individuals who practice alternative lifestyles need a therapist who will not judge them. A therapist who lives an alternative lifestyle has an inside understanding outside of book learning.

I am reality educated to provide insights to those who seek it. Whether you consider yourself polyamorous, a swinger hard or soft, married and open, you can be sure that Marriage & Sex Counselling in Phoenix, AZ will provide you with counselling tailored to your unique needs.

I welcome you to reach out to me if you are;

*In a traditional relationship and want to open it

*An open relationship and want to close it

* If in an alternative lifestyle and need a bit of help navigating a difficult phase

Everyone needs a helping hand at times, different reflections and multiple solutions. At Marriage & Sex Counseling, I hope to be that helping hand for you.

Reach out and grab it!

These workshops are presented internationally. Phoenix is the home base for this body of sacred knowledge.

The Chuluaqui Quodoushka teachings originate from time-proven sacred shamanic traditions, which integrate spirituality and sexuality as a part of life. “Chuluaqui” refers to the primordial life force energy from which everything is created. “Quodoushka” is the energy created when two life force energies merge to create a new energy, which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Chuluaqui Quodoushka energy is the most healing and revitalizing energy available on this planet. It courses thru all; mineral, plant, animal and human worlds.

I am on of 12 certified teachers in the world.

“Q” for short offers 4 levels of workshops. You need to attend the training sequentially. Individuals or couples are invited to level 1 & 2. We keep male-female gender balance.

Level 3 & 4, you must have a partner.  Many find partners from their previous Q attendance.

Contact me for our Web Site, to receive our World Calendar of events and to be put on our emailing list. We send out about 4 times a year.


Attend an Intensive Retreat with Ina, in beautiful Phoenix Arizona, which is specifically created for you or your Relationship, to address your issues. It will include an understanding of male & female basic instinctual differences, communication breakdowns and mending, Spiritual Sexuality establishing Compatibility and how to negotiate with your partner to have a mutually beneficial relationship. Remember your Marriage/Relationship Vows include being sexual and intimate for life. Take your relationship to new heights of pleasure, general happiness, intimacy, passion and spiritual sexual connectedness. Life is precious; your relationship can always be better if you commit to that goal.

I have been reading your monthly newsletters for almost a year now, and I want to convey just how much I appreciate your messages. They are timely, inspiring and so helpful. I really appreciate your effort in distinguishing the subtle and not so subtle differences in men’s and women’s emotional natures and sexual expression.

I am most grateful for your exploration and teaching of the sacred arts and spirituality of human sexuality - the most extraordinary gift bestowed upon us by our creator.

In Gratitude and Appreciation,


Cincinnati, OH

Hello Ina,

I think of you often- and fondly.

You came into my life at a challenging time. You were a source of strength and a teacher with great perception and empathy.

In your presence and under your instruction, I was able to bring forth a new, more confident Ed. The character and personal qualities I developed during my time with you have forever altered my life for the better.

My wife of 24 years, (whom you may remember from a Quodoushka Workshop) and I do Pipe Ceremony monthly. I take my healing seriously and offer it to all.

You will always be in my heart.

You will always have my love.

Walk in Beauty,

Ed-Singing Trees

"When we left your home office, I felt like you were setting your children free. You were the wise one who showed us the way. We have to take it from there and make it a part of our new life. We appreciate that you will be there for help and support.

There were so many things that you said to me that first session that are true. I didn't realize that until now that I'm on the way to recovery.

I have a few of your business cards. Would you mind if I gave them to people who show an interest in what you can do for them?

Thank you again for showing us the way."

Linda, Age: 66
Vice-President of Underwriting
and Service of Commercial Insurance Accounts


Our marriage was about to go to foreclosure when we found Ina. In a short time she identified the problems and shifted us to a loving space.
We were determined to make this work for us and followed all Ina's suggestions and did all the homework that was needed. This was a most rewarding experience and we never felt uncomfortable working with Ina.
All that you need is your willingness, honesty and dedication to work with her.

We can not say enough good things about Ina.
Enjoy the journey and your new love for each other.

John (71) and Linda (66) from Casa Grande, AZ

This is not just words ,it is from the bottom of my heart.
I love the way we go to bed and wake up in the morning
to live our life.


A letter of Gratitude

As a 57 year old man who felt well seasoned in the art of making love to a woman, you’ve awakened a consciousness in me that has laid dormant for most of my life.

I realize (after our first session) that there is so much more that I have yet to learn from you. What I have already gained is a better understanding of a woman’s body as it relates to love making and what it means for a man to help a woman reach the highs of absolute bliss and multiple orgasms.

For the first time in my life, you showed me that I too have the ability to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating, which I didn’t think possible. This was the direct result of the incredible energy built up through methods of touch and breath, that sent me in an uncontrollable orgasmic state the likes of which I’ve never experienced before.

You helped me understand how to help a woman achieve a sexual high that enables her to ejaculate and share that sacred fluid bringing us both to a level of excitement and satisfaction that redefines love making.

You have further helped me to understand how through exercising my own PC muscle, and breath techniques, I can ejaculate at a time of my choosing, not at an uncontrollable moment of passion. I no longer have early ejaculation.

I can’t tell you how encouraged, excited, and enthusiastically I am looking forward to our future sessions together on this journey of sexual enlightenment and understanding.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of love of people with me.

With much appreciation,

Rick C.

Phoenix, AZ

Ina, Thanks so much. Wow! Your teachings through love have been so profound you really pushed me to open and your words spoke in the language that I needed in order to understand. Among so many things, many of which will probably come progressively, you taught me to bring out my woman.

So much Love & Gratitude,


TO: Ina “Speaks Simply” Mlekush

As a middle-aged attorney I quite by accident attended a seminar conducted by Ina “Speaks Simply” Mlekush of Sexual Solutions, LLC advocating a more relaxed and natural attitude toward sex

I was fascinated by her teachings. She opened my eyes to the fact that religion, government, and the unholy ghost of the puritans has prevented honest and forthright teachings and training in sexual proficiency.

Having counseled with Ina, I whole-heartedly recommend as many human beings as possible to attend Ina's seminars and seek her personal counsel so as to learn more thoroughly what others have clumsily delved into without thoughtfulness or spirituality.

I understand now our nation is maturing in sexual education. In the last Time magazine there was an article describing how some of the Christian ministers are conducting sexual education classes for their parishioners recognizing that this activity between man and woman -- husband and wife -- is something God wanted us to enjoy."


Senior Attorney

Dear Ina, 
I don’t even know where to start. You have touched so many aspects of my sexuality and my very being. I believe that because of your natural unconditional love for self and others, you have touched my very heart and soul with your teachings.

I have a full body knowing that what You have to offer is true and correct. I know and feel to my very core that your knowledge is rare yet freely and lovingly shared. Ina, you have my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.


Retired Business Owner

Female Ejaculation

Thank you so much for the video on female ejaculation! It explained a lot to me! My GF yesterday ejaculated, I heard about this before but your video made it all so clear to me. I am very proud I made her ejaculate and it felt wonderful! She was so shy after that, but I told her that it was just HOT :)))

Wisdom Woman Conference

I LOVED the weekend! There were many things I took away and especially loved and felt changed by the ending ceremony. I think the most helpful person I heard, was Ina “Speaks Simply” Mlekush. I got a lot out of her straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is approach and was surprised by that.

Peace! Kathy

You helped teach me to live out loud!!!!


I wanted to share with you how much you helped me in just our first few sessions together. It is amazing to me how you get straight to the core issues so that we can get straight to work and resolve what the real issues are.

I love and embrace your “wholistic” approach and that you address my issues from an emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical stand point.

I think what means the most is that you seem to genuinely care about me and my well-being. I feel that I can open up to you and be vulnerable and you will be there to provide whatever guidance and support that I am needing.

You are always available via email or phone so I know that I can call on you and that I am never without support.

Hugs, Abbie

Dear Ina,

I had seen other sex therapists for my problem of Early Ejaculation over the years. I felt I wasted my time and a lot of money. I was giving up, and then I found you.

I could tell even on the phone you were different. You gave me information and you knew what you were talking about. I was still hesitant because of all the money I had already spent. I‘m glad I went for it.

Thank you for giving me my life back. I feel like a man again. It was so simple to learn how to control my ejaculation. Why don’t more therapist know this? It took practice but I did not mind it in the least.

I am so grateful for your honesty, the simple exercises and your unconditional love.

I am whole again and my wife and I are having the best sex we have ever had.

In Gratitude, I wish I could tell my other male friends, but you know how it is!


Building Contractor