Make Love an Act of Power

f you had a high performance car, what kind of fuel would you use? If you owned a motor cycle, would you clean the mud, dust and dirt off of it? Would you never take it where it could get muddy? How much attention and care would you give these things? When you love a sport how often do you do it? Are you excited for winter, watching the weather report for when it finally snows up north? Are you excited to head out to the slopes for skiing? Do you attend an event watching it, schedule your time at home to see it on the big screen? When you love something, do you not make time for whatever it is?

Would you like to spend more time working on your projects; in the garage, the garden, manicuring your yard or cooking your favorite foods?

How about people; spouses, children, family, friends, lovers? Do you make time for the ones you love, cherish, desire?

I hear the brakes coming to a screeching halt. Why all these questions? NO, you do not have enough time in any day, week or month to do the things you love to do. You are too busy making a living working for yourself or someone else. If you run your own business how many hours have you spent in building your clientele and creating a successful business? Not enough time is an understatement.

With any luck you may get to a game now and then or have a beer watching a game at home. You may have a workout schedule you stick to but you never have the time to do all the things you would love to do especially with your sweetie, be it spouse or lover. And the kids, being a good parent demands time. How can you give more?

February screams at us with Valentine’s Day, to be a Lover. You are barely recuperating from the holiday months. Hallmark and commercials rush in on the radio, TV, and internet pop ups. Love does not have to be celebrated on ONE DAY that society deems to be February 14th. I am putting the date here in case you have not marked your calendar. So what is your decision, to celebrate or not?

Taking time to create romance in your life no matter your age is important till the day
you die. Romance, intimacy, passion, arousal, flirting, fluttering in the depth of your genitals is important but who has the time? You Do! If you were to die tomorrow I think making love today is important. Not working extra hours. Not being overloaded with responsibilities and grumpy. If you had 10 days to live, what would you do? Life is a challenge. Do not live without Love; from family, friends, spouse, children, and lovers. Do not live without Passion for life and the people in your life. Do not live without Sex in all the ways you can express it with lips, fingers, eyes, voice, or your whole body. It does not matter if it still works like you are 19 or if you are on the slide to 90. It FEELS GOOD NO MATTER YOUR AGE.

You have a decision to make. First you decide if you are going to make this a special day for yourself and someone special, if they acknowledge it or not. You can always talk with your significant other and find out how they feel. You can make the decision together. You can take time today, tonight no matter the date on the calendar and make love. Make loving an act of power.