Add 20 Years! How Old are YOU?

No matter your age, add 20 years. How old will you be in 2038? Does it seem too far away to be bothered even thinking about it? Or why think about it as you may not even survive the next 5 years? How many friends have said their mom or dad did not live past 50 and they will be surprised if they live past 50? And now they are 54 amazed they made it. And at 54 wondering what they want to do with the second half of their life. Add 20, even 40 years to your age. We are living into our 90’s. Do you want to dance into 2038 or be pushed in a wheel chair?

No one wants to age and become sick and have to be taken care of. That is a repulsive thought yet reality for so many. What are you doing about it now? The best way to mature is to do so in a body that can move, dance, and enjoy life to its fullest. You need to keep your brain active, your creative juices flowing and challenge yourself to learn new things. You need to do new things you have never done before, especially those things that take you outside of your comfort zone. With every year, one tends to stay inside their comfort zone more and more. There are a lot of excurses that have a grain of truth in them. Work is exhausting, kids schedule is demanding, your schedule is demanding. Can’t travel is not safe. You do not have enough money, not enough time, no one special to do things with. All of these and a thousand more excuses have a grain of truth in them. This is why they work so well.

How do you have quality of life? The best way to look forward to longevity is if you have health, love and sex in your life until your last dying breath. Do you have quality of life now? Do you do the things you love to do? You may be busy with careers, family, travel, house, sports. All the things that make up your life and….are you happy doing them? Do you need an attitude adjustment? Do you need to let go of some of your busy-ness to put more quality into your life?

Are you getting or staying sexually active? A secret most of you forget as you get older is the more sex you have the better you feel. Every time you have an orgasm you are reminded of this. “Wow, that was great, we should do this more often!” Taking quality time to be intimate with self and or other can make a world of difference in the final explosion of pleasure. I know, you have never had a bad orgasm and some are memorable. How about setting your intent and taking the time to make love more frequently and for longer periods of time. Create passion as a natural part of your daily life. See what happens you may be pleasantly surprised as to how much more energy you have, how it makes you feel and it reduces stress. Now you can’t beat that!

I am so sorry for those of you in relationships where your partner refuses to be sexual all together or infrequently or only in one position and no oral sex given and/or received with the lights off on Wednesday nights after the children have been asleep for 2 hours…… I know you have asked, begged, cajoled, threatened and given up as you love your partner and you are trying to figure out how to live without sex or you are going to sexual providers. Call me. You need my help. Preferable come in as a couple and I have worked with one person in the couple with positive changes taking place at home

We are beginning a new year, 2018. Live everyday as if it is 2038. What you do here and now will determine how you live your life in 20 years from now. I hope you are making choices that bring you health, wealth and abundance in all ways. May your decisions today be the seeds of happiness tomorrow.