Celebrating July Fireworks
How to Keep Your Passion Alive!

How you keep your passion alive is not what you think! Of course, I have not a clue as to what you are thinking. Maybe you think it is having allot of bed time. But if you cannot even get into the bedroom to celebrate your love sexually, how do you change it? Do you want to change it?

Are you single or with a partner? How do you create a healthy passionate intimate sex life? Are you happy being single? Some individuals prefer to be unattached. Are you one of them? How do you get your sexual needs not only with maintenance sex but wonderfully explosive? Are you willing to be honest with yourself about the type of relationship you would like as your life style? There are 5 types of relationships. One is not better than the other.

They all require a level of maturity to find happiness in them.

  1. Monogamy in the traditional sense that we all understand or Marriage with agreements for sexual openness. These can reflect many categories; hard to soft Swinging, other sexual partners from one to more than one and often times they become friends to the married couple.
  2. Triad relationship meaning the 3 of you are living together and making financial and vacation decisions. You are a threesome. This is usually 2 samesex partners and one of the opposite sex.
  3. Open Paired Sharing, usually multiple couples coming together for financial stability, buying property, living on a farm together, sexual play with safe sex practices as they do not engage outside their agreed upon couples. Sexualpreferences may vary from Heterosexual to bi, gay or lesbian.
  4. Celibacy vs Abstinent. To be in relationship with yourself and celebrating your sexuality with self-pleasuring and discovering the adventure of your own body with yourself.
  5. Free Dancing or Dating is a more common term. Dating/Free dancing does not mean exclusively one person. Free Dancing is like leaning how to dance different dance steps with different teachers.

There are other names that are used to describe different types of relationships like Poly Amory, multiple loves. Bottom line; are you happy with the values you were raised with regarding the type of relationship you would like? Have you discovered that your educational indoctrination, be it traditional or alternative, does not work for you?

Where does your Independence and Free Thinking take you? How can you have a vibrant sex life? Did you think once you got married or have been in a relationship for years that your love making would be like fireworks on the 4th of July. Were you hoping they would be better than they are? The United States is 241 years old and has been struggling to maintain it’s Bill of Rights and Constitution. How much work have you put into your relationship to keep it a working, loving and passionate contract? Yes, it is a contract. Would you like to change your vows to reflect your wisdom and what you are agreeing to? People renew their vows. What would you say if you created them instead of your chosen religion?

How do you do anything is a key question; not why did it happen, not what got me here but HOW do I deal with the situation no matter what it is. And the next question is: How long have I been unhappy in a relationship or single. How am I going to make changes? How can I make this a win/win if others are involved? How can I make it as painless as possible if my changes do not work for the other person? How much responsibility is mine as it takes two to tango?

This July 4th when you are honoring your countries Independence and Freedom take a look at your life and see if you’re celebrating it or barely surviving in it. Embrace who you are as a sacred sexual human being that needs intimacy and passion along with good ole passionate sex. What changes do you need to make to celebrate your life in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?