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The Testosterone Syndrome
The Critical Factor For Energy, Health, & Sexuality - Reversing the Male Menopause

By: Eugene Shippen, MD & William Fryer

Most men and women do not have a clue as to how important Testosterone is to their overall heath.  We think it is just related to our sex drive. Well, we cannot be more ignorant. 

This book covers the basics on menopause for men called Andropause. It tells you how your own body is taking testosterone and changing it into estrogen, which gives you mature men, the belly you cannot diet off or the pectoral muscles that have softened and you feel like you have developed breasts.

Chapter 7 tells you  testosterone is the preeminent male ”sex hormone” that is the most essential guardian of a healthy male heart.

If you have heart problems you should take this book to your physician and educate them, to save your own life.

Women you are not out of the picture. When menopause hits we loose 80% of our sexual hormones in a two-year period.  Why do you think your sex life goes flat line?  Well we need testosterone too!

The book states that heart disease is the biggest single killer of women as well as men addressing the need for estrogen. 

Buy this book for your man but be sure and read chapters 115 & 135 for you!

Hormone Replacement Therapy Bio-Identical is a very viable alternative that is spoken about in this book for men and women.


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