Magdalene Unveiled

The Sacred Prostitute

Created by
Kenneth Ray Stubbs & Sarah Sher

Magdalene Unveiled, a 2-DVD set featuring the 90-minute documentary The Sacred Prostitute, takes us into the world of the ancient and modern sacred sexuality teacher/healer/ceremonialist, a world where sexual energy is a catalyst rather than an obstacle in the spiritual quest — a world where “sexual” and “spiritual” are intrinsically the same.

Introduction to:
Magdalene Unveiled, the Ancient and Modern Sacred Prostitute

Click here >> to see a clip from Magdalene Unveiled of Chakra Merging “Breathing Orgasm” done from the Chuluaqui Quodoushka Tradition below.  This is a woman guiding a man, breathing together bringing the life force energy of the universe up thru their energy wheels also known as Chakras. There is no physical contact of the genitals.

Review By Ina “Laughing Winds” Mlekush

If you have seen the movie “The Secret” or “What the !#!X@ Bleep Do We Know” then Magdalene Unveiled is next on your list. What those movies did for Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction, Dr. Kenneth Ray Stubbs does the same. It is an eye opening, mind-expanding, education about SACRED SEX.

This is a documentary; interviewing a Tibetan Lama, Jewish Rabbi, Christian Minister, Native American Shaman, African Priestess, Tantrica, Sex Therapist, Sex Advocates and many more.

This DVD also shows sacred sexual practices guided by these sacred sexual teachers and ceremonialist. You can see one of the sexual teachers guiding her client thru shared breath into an intense energy orgasm. You see a couple being guided by the African priestess into greater depths of intimacy thru touch and sound. Each sharing is a moment into the world of intimacy and deep passion.

Once you begin watching this you will be riveted to your seat. It is healing and gives hope. The education is gentle and beautiful. There is more, much more to your sex life then what you were ever told or perhaps have dreamed is possible.

If you are experienced and have been taking Tantra or Chuluaqui Quodoushka Sacred Sexuality workshops then you too are in for a treat. In one production you get to see the many expressions of sacred sexuality. Perhaps you will discover your own passion to be a sacred sexuality teacher. Perhaps you already are.

The Ancient and Modern Sacred Prostitute documentary is a gift to share with your spouse or friends. Sit and watch it then talk about how you feel, what you learned, then you decide if you wish to bring Sacred Sexuality into your life.

About Magdalene Unveiled

Presenters include

• followers of Mary Magdalene
• a Tibetan Buddhist lama
• a rabbi
• several Western Tantra and other sacred-sexuality teachers/practitioners
• Native American shaman
• an African Nubian-Khamite priestess
• a porn star
• a sexworker rights activist
• an Episcopal priest

Known today sometimes by such names as “sacred intimate,” “tantrika,” “daka/dakini,” “sexual healer,” “sacred whore,” “tantra teacher,” or “sexual shaman,” women and men in contemporary versions of the sacred prostitute present their lives and their evolution into a role that would have been revered in many ancient and not-so-ancient cultures.

Topics include

• Mary Magdalene and Jesus
• Tantra and other expressions of sacred sexuality
• Christianity and sexual oppression
• Plato vs. Jesus
• prostitution vs. sacred prostitution
• the legality of sacred sexwork
• heterosexual and homosexual sexuality
• celibacy
• orgasmic energy

The contemporary sacred prostitute no longer has a public temple where she or he can share the ceremonies openly. There is little or no lineage down through which the sacred mysteries can be revealed from high priest/ess to initiate. Legally, socially, religiously, the sacred prostitute has been out in the cold — until now!

Magdalene Unveiled
2-DVD Set

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