Ina's Review

The G Spot
And Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality

By Alice Ladas, Beverly Whipple and John Perry x

These are the 3 most renowned sex therapist in the United States today. They report, there are many historical references to female ejaculation, beginning with  Aristotle who  observed women expel a fluid during orgasm.  Masters and Johnson denied it.

Women and men need to read this book and once and for all know that women ejaculate from having their g-spot stimulated. They are not urinating when they soak the bed. They do not need to feel embarrassed or stop this expression of passion.

This book also talks about men’s g-spot or their million-dollar point, the importance of keeping the prostate healthy with ejaculation and massage.  The illustrations of the PC muscle, puboccocygeus muscle in the female and the male placement of the bladder, prostate  and urinary duct help you to understand the important role the PC Muscle holds in the health of our physical body and sexuality

There are many stories from clients that could be your story.    As you read this book it is worth underling the passages that you care to discuss with your lover.

Here is my Suggestion. You will not find it in this detail in the book.  Contact me for a session.

To explore the G-spot make a date for an exercise session do not mix trying to find it with your normal love making session.  Be sure to make-out and get the juices moving. This engorges the g-spot and makes it easier to find. Be sure your fingers and her sacred vagina are will lubricated.    I teach men and women how to find the g-spot and experience the ejaculative response.

Massaging the prostate should be done using lubricant and good sexual arousal. Oral sex is especially wonderful for the man while gently probing his anus with your finger until with slight pressure your finger slides inside.  The prostate is about the size of an almond or walnut and is on the upper wall. Look at the illustrations in the book. It will feel firm and get very hard at the point of ejaculation.

This is an excellent resource book to educate yourself and pass the good information on to your lovers, friends and those you care about.


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