CD: A Sexual Journey - Sounds of Intimate Desire
Riding on Waves of Passion and Music
This CD gives the listener a complete introduction to the power of intimacy, passion and open honest expression.

Extend your lovemaking and your pleasure - Pace your lovemaking to Ina’s latest CD
to help you to resolve early ejaculation.

Listen and discuss it with your partner to improve your sex life.

It can be delicious background music in your bedroom.

No matter your age or shape of body; embrace the beauty of the physical form created by Great Spirit to be sensually physically sexually alive. Hear the talk and passion between two lovers as they come together in body, heart and spirit. Ride the waves of passion and music with them and learn how to be one with self, life and lover.

Alternative Life Style? Enjoy this to set the mood.

Audio clip especially for WOMEN
Audio clip especially for MEN

45-minute audio compact disc
(or audio download)

Compact Disc  $14.95
To make a purchase please call Ina Mlekush directly at (623)465-9151.
Credit cards will be processed over the phone.
MP3 Download (55M)  $10.95
Note: this is a large file. If you are using dialup, please purchase the CD version.
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