Women Get Horney, Too!
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.
Sex Counselor A.A.S.E.C.T. Certified

Have you ever considered that your woman is not getting enough sex? Have you ever thought that she would like to make love every day and you are the one who is too tired? Have you worried about keeping up with your woman, fear she may find someone younger, more virile then you?  You are not the only one that worries about being sexual enough, long enough, big enough or can last more then 5 minutes, to keep your woman happy.

It is in the heart of most men to want to satisfy their partner. It brings an inner bliss and sense of pride to bring your woman to a powerful orgasm.  And how do you feel when you cannot do this for whatever reasons? Not good, less than, wondering what else can you do to bring her joy and satisfaction?

Many women love their man and do not want to hurt their feelings. And yes, men do have fragile egos when it comes to their sexual prowess. Like it or not women need to walk on eggshells when talking to men about their sexual needs. So most women don't. They do not talk about their desires, fantasies or basic intimacy needs. They do without and close down till eventually they are not interested anymore because every time they make love with you they are left hanging, unsatisfied, unfulfilled but they make sure your needs are taken care of.  So this is the other side of the coin, gentlemen. 

How are you going to find out if your woman is a silent sufferer? If she is longing for greater intimacy and passion and is settling for less because she is afraid of losing you, the man she loves, by hurting your feelings with her truth.

The first thing you could do is actually arrange to have a quiet conversation outside the bedroom and separate from a love making session. Let her know you are prepared to get your feelings hurt. You  are an adult and can take care of yourself. She does not need to protect you from her truth. You need her truth so you can improve your skills and become a better lover for yourself and her.

You may need to lead the conversation since she is not use to this deep unveiling of her sexuality. Still not trusting what will happen if she speaks the unspeakable and how you will react.  If you are not sure ask her if she has orgasms during intercourse or does it just feel good?  What is her favorite way to have an orgasm; mouth, fingers, intercourse or vibrator?  How can you help her so every time you make love she is being fulfilled with orgastic and intimate pleasure?  

What type of orgasms does she have, vaginal, g-spot, g-spot ejaculations, clitoral? Does she have multiply orgasms or a single powerful release, and then she is done. Or thinks she is done due to lack of education.   When does she like to have an orgasm: at the beginning before intercourse during intercourse or after you have had yours then she wants a nice clitoral release. This could be like the cherry on the icing on top of the cake.  Woman can have 2-3 different types of orgasm in any one love making session let alone multiply orgasms. Do you know your woman?

If you have a woman who loves sex and you feel challenged to meet her needs communication is the first step to saving your relationship.


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