What Is Spiritual Sexuality?
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

Most people have never heard the term Spiritual Sexuality. It is a foreign concept to them. As there is a division between government and church, so have churches created the division between sexuality and spirituality. Sexuality is like the poor man's cousin that has been relegated to the far corner, hoping with enough time it will just go away. There is some unfortunate truth to this dictate. With aging and lack of education as to the importance sexuality plays in the health and well-being of the human body and spirit, we lose our passion, desire and drive to be an active sexual person. We shrivel up and die way before our time. This is not a pleasant thought but it is a truthful one. So what are we going to do about this?

When given half a chance, an individual has an innate knowing in their soul that sexuality is sacred. No matter what anyone has told them, their life experience has given them other information. And they seek to find the truth. Often times the truth comes after they have had to seek healing from sexual abuse, molestation, rape or dysfunctional relationships. But the truth will be found if the seeker is looking.

In its simplest definition, spiritual sexuality means that through the intimacy of engaging sexually one can connect to something greater than themselves. One can connect directly to spirit, to the Great Spirit. The conscious act of sexuality opens the soul to giving and receiving life force energy. This life force energy heals us at the cellular level. It replenishes our soul and brings meaning to our everyday life.

Sharing the passions of the soul as expressed through the physical temple culminating in joyous orgasm is a journey that no other experience on earth can give you. Some are close, like sky diving, skiing, surfing, mountain climbing or shooting. These are sports done alone. None allow you to touch God in the way spiritual sexuality connects you intimately to another human being. There is something truly magickal that allows the individuals to feel the power of spirit. With this awakening there is nothing that one can not accomplish which includes becoming a better skydiver, surfer, mountain climber, or shooter.

Sexuality is more than the act of intercourse. It is being present in the moment, in the physical body, to the energies that are abundant in the universe, and knowing or feeling your connection to the Everything which includes your partner.

The energy that flows through all matter is known as the river of life that courses through our blood and the very core of Grandmother Earth. To try and separate or differentiate this life force energy into sexuality and spirituality is ludicrous. It is one and the same. When we cut ourselves off from this truth we experience empty lovemaking, poor sex, i.e. ejaculation without orgasm, sex without gaining energy, loneliness and spiritual desolation. Then we wonder, what's wrong?

Well, what is wrong is, we have lost our spiritual connection. No one ever told us that our sexuality is an expression of our spirituality. It is more than just the body releasing and it is more than just two people being spiritual together. It is the culmination, the totality of heart, body, mind, spirit and soul rejoicing in the life force energy that is abundant and waiting for us to bask in it and become greater than, to evolve into a truly spiritual sexuality sacred human being.


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