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By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

Men - have you been told by your wife or a lover that you are too small? She watches porn then looks at you and says I want one like that, pointing to the jock in the film? Have you been told you are not a good lover? Have you considered hiring a hunk for your wife to satisfy her? Are you using one of those plastic suction units that swear it will help stretch your cock out?

Stop, stop, stop!!! Only 10% of the male population has a dong like John Hung Low. 60% of men have an average cock of 6 inches long with a nice thick girth, enough to keep any girl very happy. And yes, 10% of the male population has a cock that is less then 6 inches and the girth is small. These men tend to have very sweet Ejaculative fluid, easy on the taste buds, a cock that does not chock woman as they give head and they will ejaculate10 to 12 times. This is beginning to sound good. 10% are very very thick and 6 + inches and 10% are thinner then the average man but longer.

If you are want to please your woman then become a better lover with your mouth, fingers and yes even your cock. Most women do not orgasm during intercourse. They enjoy it - that full feeling of their man sliding into them - but for the big bang they need oral stimulation, finger play, breast and g-spot stimulation and many need a vibrator. And ladies do not get to used to a vibrator - no man can compete with it.

Some women have learned how to have orgasms while having intercourse. It is a wonderful feeling. When a woman knows how to work her PC muscles she can grip a man small or large and bring herself to orgasm with the help of a good lover.

Size may matter to some. What is more important is being a good lover which gives you confidence. Men with a large package tend to rely on their size to please the woman instead of learning to be a sensitive sensual lover. (This is true for many but of course not all.) Men with a smaller package take the time to learn the fine nuances of being a good lover. Guess which one most women want. Give me a good lover any day. A man who will bring me to orgasm no matter what it takes: a man who is being attentive to my complicated sexual orgasmic needs.

Believe it or not what women look for is a man who is confident in himself, has a good sense of humor, and will treat her with honor and we women need to treat men with respect. And it takes two good lovers to be great lovers.


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