Stop Circumcisions
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

Have you ever questioned why male infants have their foreskin cut off? Have you ever wondered why your foreskin was taken? Have you ever attended this ceremony in the grandparents' home or been in a hospital and heard the blood-curdling scream of your male child when a surgical knife is taken to that most intimate part of their body? A nurse friend recently told me it is a sound she can never forget.

Why is this ancient rite still being done? It has its origins in religion. It started over 4000 years ago with Abraham and Sarah. As the story goes God told them to cut the foreskin off their male child. This was a "Covenant with God." Thereby all Jewish boys were to be known in this way different from gentiles, meaning Christians.

What does this have to do with Spiritual Sexuality? There are two stories here that relate.

Story One:
You are in the hospital with the male child being restrained so not to bump the surgical knife while the doctor does the quick cut of the foreskin. The child is now screaming, though it has been stated that the finer nerves at the end of the penis have not fully developed yet. Upon completion the female nurse soothes the child. So now we have the masculine child in fear and pain. No more then 24 hours old. Leaving the sanctity and safety of the womb to have the most precious part of his body cut off. And they say, the baby does not remember the pain. So they think. His initial introduction into life may be at the root cause of the war between the sexes.

It has been scientifically proven that infants in the womb play with their genitals as well as cry. Caressing one's genitals, no matter the age, creates a soothing feeling. I wonder what having one's foreskin cut off creates?

Story two:
Imagine you are in the Grandparents' home to attend this special event. The male child is 8 days old. This is the traditional time when this ceremony takes place. A very special honor is to be chosen as the "Sandag" or Godfather who holds your male child tightly so as he cannot wiggle or squirm. The "Mohel," a trained religious person who is very well skilled at what he does, soaks a piece of gauze in a bit of wine and has the baby suck on it to act as an anesthetic, to numb the child. Nothing is placed on the foreskin - after all, the fine nerves have not yet developed. The "Mohel" ceremonially, using a surgical knife, quickly cuts the foreskin off. The baby yells at this violation of his tender body and is placed in the arms of his mother to be soothed and suckled. And after all the baby does not remember the pain.

First, as a disclaimer, I was raised Jewish.

I recently spoke with two different Rabbis for this article that will remain anonymous. One of the Rabbis said, you can look at the medical reasons also; circumcision seems to be quite common no matter your religion. It is now done as standard practice because the medical profession says it keeps the man cleaner and there are fewer incidences of cancer for both men and women! Cancer?! What about washing with soap and water. Open the lips, pull the foreskin back, a little child education goes a long way.

The stories go on and on.

I just spoke with a medical professional. The circumcision is done in their office 2 weeks after the baby is born. It hurts, the baby cries and they use a very light anesthetic given in two shots on either side of his penis at the base near the belly. And the baby does not remember the pain - or does he?

One Rabbi said it is so common that you have to consider whether you want your boy child to be in the gym class and look different then all the other boys. So now circumcision is about fitting in, belonging and conforming. Peer pressure and religion - nice combination.

I just did a google search on male circumcision. Please take the time and educate yourself.

What does circumcision have to do with one's sexuality and one's connection to spirit? The brain does not forget anything. It goes to the subconscious then unconscious. Our cellular structure carries all memory. It has been proven with Hypnosis and NLP.

The male anger at the feminine begins with this first violation of their penis. The cellular conflict of needing to be known as a sexual man with a firm erection and as a baby being placed in the arms of a woman after having it cut off. You tell me, is there deep seeded confusion here?

It is through our sexual energy that we feel one with God Great Spirit. Something magickal happens a sense of peace and tranquility resides in the aftermath of our orgasmic bliss. But, your first experience of your penis at birth was to have it cut off. You tell me, is there a problem here?


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