By Ina Lauging Winds M.A. M.F.C.C.

Sacred spiritual sexuality is thinking outside the box of social and religious training. It is having enough confidence in yourself to trust the naturalness of your core being.

Your core being is discovered through creative, spontaneous acts of self-expression. The creative act doesn't fulfill the ego but rather changes its nature. Your ego changes through creative acts of originality. It is easy to copy another or follow someone else's rules. But to be original, to have an original thought is a challenge. Most of you never live up to your potential. You do not access the core of your being. You are far greater then you ever wished yourself to be. It takes energy to be creative. Every time you would like to make love and do not, you lose energy! You could be gaining if you started to say yes instead of no. There is energy to be harvested if you are open to the moment.

The power of the individual must come together with the power of the moment. When we fill our lives with overbearing obligations, debt, and busyness then we cannot see the unseen or touch the unexpected moments of power. These moments do not wait for us. They do not return when we are not busy.

Spiritual sexuality is not an external set of breathing techniques, nor a book of detailed exercises, though all this does help. Spiritual Sexuality is an internal quest to become something more then what your culture, and your personal world says you can be. It is a driving force within you that hungers for the unusual, not for the sake of being different, but because genius and sacred sexuality lies in the outreaches of ones mind, body, spirit and soul. It takes unbridled passion surrendering to the forces of nature that created you. It pushes you, draws you, and seduces you to explore the forbidden reality of conscious intimacy.

Sacred spiritual sexuality intrudes upon your calm peaceful love life to shake up your world, to leave you knowing, there must be more! The question is, are you willing to do the arduous work of self-expression. Are you willing to explore mentally the limitations and boundaries you have accepted as normal? Are you willing to speak your truth even as it changes? Are you willing to seek the power that being sexually free will grant you? Are you willing to assume authority and be spiritually accountable and liberate yourself to discover the core of your being. Do you know the true meaning and purpose of your life? Not what somebody said you should be doing but something that makes each and every day an event in your life. No matter what the day presents, if it is taking the garbage out or writing a book. Are you living spontaneously with originality and accountability as a sexually free and spiritual human being?


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