By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

I was soaking in the jacuzzi at my gym. I'm the friendly type so I began talking with an older tired looking gentleman. We became "jacuzzi buddies". After he knew I was a sex therapist that was the topic, of course. He has a nice build, is definitely over 50, a scruffy 4 day beard, blue eyes that have lost their luster and a receding hairline that left him bald on top with a strip of short gray hair around his head.


  1. He retired from a high stress job and has no other purpose or passion in his life. First problem.
  2. He has a female friend he occasionally has sex with but she just lies there. Second problem.
  3. He was wondering how to attract other women. Third problem.

With his seeking "jacuzzi" advice, this opened the door for me to ask him some pretty challenging questions, like "What the hell are you doing with the rest of your life? You probably have 30 more years to live." By his eyes I could see he had been giving up. He had never been asked a question like that before. He would have to think about it.

First solution: Get a life.

Problem two: woman! How much was my "jacuzzi pal" going to let me confront his reality? I went for it. I told him I had never seen him clean-shaven. I acknowledged that shaving before working out does not make a lot of sense. I thought he was trying to grow a beard. He said he would go for days without shaving, "no reason to shave", he stated. Oops - another opening. "So when you go out, where you could flirt a little, this is what you look like?" He hemmed and hawed and said he always wore nice clothes. "That helps and I would like to see you clean-shaven," I said. The next time we ran into each other at the gym I did not recognize him. I told him, more then once how good he looked. He was glowing.

Second solution: Change something!

Another day in the jacuzzi talking about his lack of sex. I risked asking him if he had ever considered shaving his head? "No, why should I?" He again defended himself. " I keep it short."

OK: any young or mature man reading this who is faced with loss of hair, consider letting it go.

Some men have a full wavy head of locks. As it turns silver the man looks even more dashing. Some men begin to lose their hair at a young age. Between stress and genetics it's just the toss of the coin.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, do you think you look sexy? If the answer is Yes, great, feel it, be it and do not change a thing. If the answer is No, you do not look or feel sexy then do something about it. Shave that wonderful head.

Third Solution: Shave it off, take it off, take it all off.

There is something alluring and magnetic, that draws a woman to caress that "silky smooth, slick round hard head". It is sooo sexy. This man stands out in the crowd. They are different. Their statement to the world is one of independence, confidence and sex appeal. I have never met a stranger who would not let me fondle his head.


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