Getting Your Sexual Priorities Straight
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

Are you getting your sexual hungers fed?

When you desire to make love, where does it fall on your "to do list"?

To understand sexual hungers, we must broaden our definition of "sexual". It is more than simply having intercourse. "Sexual" integrates the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs of a sacred human being.

To successfully feed our sexual hungers, we must change our priority list. What's at the top of your list? Does your work or career come first? After all, you do have to provide a roof over your head. Then there are the demands of family, either your own or extended. And what about the time it takes maintaining the home and handling chores like cleaning and shopping? When do you find time to play? You know - movies, concerts, plays, sporting events, hiking, skiing and shooting - the fun stuff in life. Where do these things fall on your life's priority list? Probably not too high up, if you're like most folks.

First Priority - Find Time for Sex
When do you find time for sex? Between 10 p.m. and midnight when you are both so vibrant you cannot wait to jump into bed and make love for the next two hours? I don't think so. Sleeping and getting up early is the priority to start the cycle over again. According to the ancient teachings of Quodoushka, spiritual sexuality is what heals you and keeps you young. It should be first on your list of "things to do today." When we get our sexual needs met we are happier and more relaxed and we step into the "maximum efficiency with minimum effort" law. This simply means we get more done in less time with less effort. It does not take 8 hours to do a five-hour job.

Second Priority - Find Time for Yourself
The ancient ones taught that there are only two things our soul needs: one, to learn (evolving into enlightenment) and two, to learn through pleasure. This may be working out, reading, and challenging your skills, talents and abilities, camping or attending concerts. Make a list of all the things that you love to do even if you have not done them in years. Remind yourself of how much pleasure you receive when doing these things, how much energy you gain when you're doing the things you love to do. Now, start doing them.

Third Priority - Get Your Work Done
That's right, put your work or career in the number three spot if you can force your hand to write it that far down on the "to do list". Think of it this way: after priorities one and two, you are now happy, satisfied, rejuvenated and ready to hit the pavement running. You will get more work done, be more successful and spend less time doing it. You will work smarter, not harder.


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