Sex Is Mandatory, Not Optional
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

Sex is not an optional part of our lives. It is not something you can take or leave. It does not matter if you are single or married, heterosexual or homosexual. Sex is a viable part of your soul's experience on this earth.

Sex is a key to your spiritual self-growth and development. So for those of you who have decided that sex does not need to be a part of your life: you have just stopped your soul's evolution. Perhaps that does not matter to you. Do you think Spiritual Growth is only for religious people or students of theology? If you say yes to these questions you are wrong. Every person on this planet has a responsibility to evolve. This means challenging what you have been taught to find out if it is valid truth, “if it will grow corn”.

Do not believe anything anyone tells you, your parents, your religion, your government, your friends. Find out for yourself the valid truth. Your truth may be 180 degrees different then someone else’s. What is valid truth? How can you stand up against your religion or your family and decide what is true wisdom and knowledge not just a philosophy and a belief system that you were raised with? Truth goes beyond a personal prejudice or preference. Truth stands against the sands of time. Truth is a body knowing, not a mental memorization of someone’s theoretical constructs.

When it comes to Sex we have the most taboos, mythologies, misconceptions, outright lies and moral dogma laid upon us, as the politically correct way to live. If we honor what our body needs, which the Great Spirit God created, we would be breaking most of the rules and laws we learned from our parents, teachers, government and religions. Yes, there are still laws on the books that are very archaic and state what we should and should not be doing in the privacy of our own bedrooms. Religion decided to make our bodies, our sexual expression, a focus of moral issues that they have the answers to.

Great Spirit, God, made our bodies to feel wonderful, joyous, passionate, and ecstatic when we make love. Call it love making, fucking, or sacred sex, if you or your partner have pain, do not enjoy it or think it is not a necessary part of their life, then something is wrong! Get help even if the one who is refusing to be sexual or is hurting when you have sex, will not go with you to get help. One educated person is better then none.

You must love yourself enough to find the truth, to live the truth and touch glimpses of spiritual enlightenment when you engage in sexuality as an expression of your souls desire for spiritual freedom.


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