What Men Need to Know about Women
What Women Need to Know about Men!

By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

Women for the most part are high maintenance, especially compared to men. Let me give you an image; women are like Grandmother Earth and men are like Grandfather Sun.

Imagine a rich plot of soil that never gets watered or tendered. This rich soil becomes dried, parched and cracked. Now to make a garden you need to turn the soil, fertilize it, mulch it, turn it, sculpt it into rows, plant seeds, water it, pull the weeds, water it and you watch for the tiniest green to show for all your effort. And if you continue to care for it, you have a delicious garden, which you now need to defend from the thieving squirrels, rabbits and other varmints that would like to steal your precious fruit. In other words your woman. We need lots of tender loving care. You cultivate us and we gladly give you our fruits, which you are usually very hungry for. Will a garden continue to produce and give tomatoes, peaches and sweet juicy surprises if you do not water it? Nope not on your life! Well, guess what: women won't either. Just because you get married or settle down nesting in one home does not mean you get to stop gardening.

There are women who no matter how attentive their husbands, boyfriends are, it does no good. Have you ever been digging in your yard or garden and hit hard rock? You can't even break it down with a drill. What do you do? Do you keep beating your head against a wall, for how long? All women are not healthy sexually or emotionally, just like all men are not. You have decisions to make.

Men are like the sun, burning bright 24/7 emanating and ejaculating rays of heat penetrating deep into the earth keeping her warm at her very core. Without this heat Grandmother Earth would be frozen. Grandfather Sun needs Grandmother Earth to receive him and the earth needs the sun to give to her. They are different and equal.

For a woman to keep a man happy she needs to Respect him and caress his cock in the morning, afternoon and night, fuck or suck him 3 to 5 times a week and tell him what she likes so he does not have to guess and be wrong. Men like to kiss, and be caressed also.

For a man to keep a woman happy he needs to Honor her. Please slow down and warm her up. Gently touch her whole body, caress her face, tell her he loves her and how beautiful she still is to him no matter how old and over weight she becomes. She enjoys spontaneous bouquets of flowers, lover cards and gifts. She likes to be kissed on her neck when lovemaking is not in sight. She needs to feel like she is the most important person in his life.

Never, never let sex drop out of your life.
It is through intimacy that we heal ourselves
and balance our masculine and feminine energy.


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