From Motherhood to Lover
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

Being a parent is one of the most important jobs there is. How we raise our children determines the future of our planet. So how can we communicate to more than half the world that parenting involves maintaining a loving, sexual relationship with their partners? Though this may apply to men, I am specifically addressing this to women. Being a mother does not take precedence over your relationship with the father of your children.

Perhaps you could create a beautiful rite of passage ceremony from motherhood back to being a lover. What better role model could you give your children, than to be raised in a family where they see their mother and father not only in love with each other but showing their love. I mean kissing passionately, embracing each other, intimate pats and gentle playful caresses. Making sounds when you make love and not worrying about it. It is time to talk to your children about your love making so they know the sounds they are hearing are of joy and passion between their parents. How many of you, who are reading this, never saw your parents showing affection and passion in this way? Or. assumed your parents never made love? There is a lack of sex education that is undermining the health, well-being and very soul of our family structure. Women hold the most powerful healing creative force in the universe in their wombs. And men intuitively know this. They need to make love to us. They need to be inside that sacred space. Sexuality is spirituality.

When you place motherhood, the most sacred career any woman can embark on, above the sexual intimate love relationship with the father of your children, you are role-modeling a very dysfunctional relationship, and this breaks down the family unit.

You have a responsibility to learn, grow and change, thereby breaking out of the box of limitations you were raised in. You need to maintain a very high, active, sexually spiritual life not only for the benefit of your children, but also for the health and well being of you and your partner.

You have never been taught the true reason and purpose the Great Spirit created human beings, to have free will and choice with erogenous zones that do not lessen with age. It is your state of mind, lack of exploration and erotic limitations that kill your sex drive and armor your body so you do not have a positive physical response to love making. How to change this? Open the mind to all possibilities, explore worlds of sensuality that are outside your reality and feel alive again.

Spiritual evolution comes from sexual awakening. When you close down your sexuality; you are closing down your spiritual development. Like it or not, you cannot separate your spirituality from your sexuality, they are one in the same life force energy. If you have never experienced this, then truly you are missing the most powerful conversation with God possible. It is time women learn the truth about the sacredness of spiritual sexuality and the importance of honoring the powerful sex drive that must be nurtured, watered, and tended.

The well-being of the family unit requires the life force energy that originally created the children in the first place. Men and women must remain passionate lovers, first and foremost. All else will follow in beauty.


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