Where Are the Mature Sex Symbols?
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

All of our sexual symbols are of youth, hard bodies and perky pecs.
We are leaving whole generations out of over 50's. How does it feel to be one of the "over the hill" gang? What role models of sexuality and passion do you have in your life?

Remember, the largest sex organ is between your ears: it is your state of mind. How do you battle the social and religious image that sex dies the older you get? Have you bought into that age-old adage? If so, why?

Is sex only for the young? Or is it for the young at heart? When you look into the mirror and you see the traces of aging from graying hair, to a receding hairline (better known as a forehead getting longer), to sagging skin, do you tell yourself no one would want to make love to this old body?

Yet your body still needs to be touched and loved. Sex is not just for the young. Sex is not just raging hormones. Sex is a spiritual act of two individuals being intimate, sensual, and passionate. The breathing increases, the eyes deepen, the soul cries out to be touched. Your bodies are pushing against each other, desire takes over and you wonder where did all this sexual energy and passion come from. It is not about the firmness of muscle or tautness of skin. With age comes time and patience. There is no rush. You've been in life for the long haul. Take your pleasure and truly enjoy the bountiful joys of lovemaking.

If you are over 50 and have stopped making passionate love, then the best years of your life are slipping away. No more diapers to change, early morning breakfast and off to school. No more car pooling the teens around. No more demands on your time. The over the hill gang can now make love morning, noon and night. Weekends are free and you can walk around your house nude. I know you are self-conscious because your body is not 22 any more. How about the attitude of who gives a rat's ass? You've earned the right, you are no longer a foolish 22, you know better and now life is yours for the living.

Throw off the clothes, throw off the inhibitions which no longer fit you and are no longer needed. Set a new standard for yourself. Yes, keep yourself in good physical condition, watch what you eat and do not eat too much. Accept the fact that with aging you change. Adjust and make love as much as you can. It will make you feel so much better.

Oh Yes, keep lots of lubricant in all the rooms. With age, juicy is good.


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