This includes passion!

By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

With tears in her eyes she said, " Love is such a fragile thing." They had made love for an hour and a half that morning. She said, "It is so easy to forget, when little things get to us." "Love is something we have to choose to do, everyday."

"I so appreciated the notes you left yesterday all over the house." "You really know my footsteps when I get home from the gym." He said, "Yeh, I could tell you were having an off day. So before I left I thought it might help to have notes saying I love you." "It did!" "You are still doing those things that mean so much to me." She asked, " Can we do this the rest of our lives, and never lose our love for each other?" Now, both had tears in their eyes. It was a moment of intimacy and longing that had just been expressed through their body's passion. He smiled at her. " I don't plan to stop loving you and doing the things I know make you happy". She teasingly said "I won't stop loving and fucking you either." For she knew that was one thing he loved about her. She loved to make love, every day sometimes twice a day. Every now and then they would skip a day to make up for it the next.

They were both in their 50's, married before. They were no kids. They came to this relationship with wisdom and painfully gained knowledge from their other marriages. He came out of a 20-year marriage that had almost no sex. After 4 years of marriage counseling she divorced him to his now, great relief. Why he had not seen it earlier he did not know. After personal counseling he was no longer angry with woman. He had his bottom line with what he would and would not accept in a relationship.

She had been married twice before. Her first husband was an alcoholic and she was young. He gave her a beautiful son she raised mostly alone. After a college degree and, she thought, more wisdom she married again. He told her as they were creating a separation ceremony to divorce with dignity that he knew when they got married that he would be stepping out on his own path. Had she known this she would have been his lover but never married him.

They were not looking for a lover or a marriage partner. They met while enjoying a mutual sport. They made love and the world started changing with their agreement. They walked into this relationship asking questions and discovering each other's bottom lines, not settling for less. Daily, they choose to love with passion, respect, lovemaking, teasing, Talking, laughter and tears.

She said as he left for work, " In your arms I am everything I want to be".


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