By Ina Lauging Winds M.A. M.F.C.C.

"He won't ejaculate", she complained to me. "He read somewhere that a man loses his vital life force energy when he ejaculates, so he just won't do it. It is so frustrating. Without this expression of his passion for me, I feel like I am doing something wrong, that I am not good enough. Why won't he ejaculate?"

Refusing to ejaculate is different from delayed ejaculation. Delayed means the man would love to ejaculate but cannot get over the top. He gets very close then loses it. Usually he is mentally distracted, thinking about trying "to com" instead of being lost in the feeling of passion and orgasticness.

If you are refusing to com because you have a loss of energy when you ejaculate then you are having a low level orgasm. You are not building the intimacy and intensity to create a second or third level orgasm. At a Zero level you lose energy, at a level One you can lose energy but usually you break-even. It's a nice fuck and you roll over and go to sleep. The woman is usually turned on and wants more. There are 4 levels of orgasm. If the chemistry is right even a quickie could develop into a high-level experience.

A man's body is made to ejaculate. Are you going to argue with Great Spirit? It is how the man's body is built. Ejaculation keeps his prostate healthy and his stress level reduced. There are 5 types of orgasm; water, earth, air, fire and void. Two of them include full ejaculation. For every 5 times he makes love or self pleasures, it is important for a man to ejaculate at least twice.

Ejaculative orgasm is magick. Gifting your seed to your woman is a way of manifesting your dreams and goals. You need to release your seed, in the womb of the feminine and state a prayer, an affirmation with the seeding. You can say this silently or out loud with your partner. Together the feminine and the masculine can create new worlds and possibilities of future goals. If you are self-pleasuring (masturbating) you release your seed into the womb space of the void. The void is feminine holding all potential. You are the masculine seeding your dreams and desires.

When a woman is desperate to be the sacred chalice for her man's fluids, when a man withholds this most precious expression of himself, it creates separation and dissonance between the couple. There are no seeds planted in the earth. She cannot give back to him the fruit of his labor.

  • A man can learn to control his ejaculative response, lasting over an hour if he chooses.
  • A man can learn to have full body orgasms different then genital that last 5 to 30 minutes. Orgasms are different then ejaculations.
  • Woman can learn to have multiply orgasms and delicious watery ejaculations.
  • A man can learn to have multiply orgasms, which is one reason he wants to learn how to control his ejaculation.

Sex is natural. Ejaculation is natural. Learn how to energize not deplete yourself.


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