Happy Holidays
Make Giving Your Priority

By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

Are you ready to surprise your partner? What would they like for the holidays? Can you create such an event they will be talking about it for years to come, bragging about you?

You may be surprised as to what they would actually like. It may be romantic, sensual or it may not be. Can you give it to them no matter? Sometimes the greatest gift is our time. Making time for our loved ones, friends, and family. Does your partner get into the holiday spirit? Do you decorate your house - go shopping for a Christmas tree and decorate together? This is the time for Hanukkah and other holidays also. Do you enjoy getting the house ready for your family and lighting of the candles? Doing it together is the key.

Often times we wonder how to get our needs met. We feel sexually frustrated and closed down to our partner. Can you change that for a moment, a day, for the holidays? You will never fully understand another person's thinking or feelings. You do not know why they are the way they are. If for a time you can love them unconditionally you may find in the giving you receive a gift that no money could buy.

There are many stresses during this season. As you are challenged can you deal with them, one at a time. Do not let them accumulate and pull the carpet out from under you. Think about getting a massage for you and your loved one. Find a friend who has a Jacuzzi (if you do not) and sit under the stars. Feel the cool night air on your Naked bodies - ok, wear a bathing suit if you must.

I know some of you have willing partners. Some of you have unwilling partners and some of you do not have anyone this year. All of the above is OK. Love yourself unconditionally. Buy yourself a massage, go to the gym and sit in the jacuzzi and start up a conversation. Make this season about giving in a way you have never done before. How can you give to those in your life, including yourself?

Is there something you have desired to do but have not known how to make it happen or how to get your lover to do it? Have you been dreaming secretly about something and you are giving up on it? There is a simple technique to manifest your dreams and desires. First do not think or worry about how it will happen. That is none of your business. Visualize it in 3-D Technicolor with full sound and emotional impact. How does it make you feel to have experienced this or accomplished it? Thank the Universe for having given it to you. Make it in past tense as if you already have it; Be it Sex, Money, Cars, Lovers, New Career, Health.

Every time you hear your inner thoughts discounting your desires stop them and replace them with a stronger commitment of imagining what you desire. It takes two positive thoughts to compensate for one negative, for example +1 & -1 = 0. It takes another +1 to make one step forward. Here is another formula: Attention= Power! Where you give your attention is where you give your power. In other words, watch what you are thinking! Negative thinking begets negative results. Positive thinking does not mean becoming an airhead and going into code white. Discover the power of your thoughts and direct them accordingly.

This Holiday Season can be the beginning of magick for you. How many doors can you open for others? How many Acts of Kindness can you do for others? What is that one special gift you can give rather then spending too much money? What would make you happy this season? You deserve it. Gift Yourself and Love Unconditionally.


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