By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

I am introducing a new term called your Children's Fire. It is a Shamanic concept that comes from the ancient Mayan culture of spiritual sexuality teachings.

The children's fire is that part of your soul that made agreements with God the Great Spirit, with your lovers and with yourself. The children's fire is the Heart of Your Soul. It is also called the "Fire From Within" which is held by your higher self at your navel. When it is nourished you feel flamed on, energized and excited about life. When the flame is being extinguished you feel yourself dying inside. The children's fire propels you to discover the task of your soul in this lifetime. It is your inner drive that tells you there is more to life than work.

The children's fire is made larger, stoked with pleasure and knowledge. The children's fire needs to experience life and look into the mirror of self through relationship with others to evolve and grow.

Let's compound this concept. You have a children's fire. Your partner has a children's fire and the relationship has its own children's fire. Each has a driving soul force, heart intent. And agreements are made. The biggest problem we have in relationship is, we forget the agreements our children's fire made with each other, let alone with God Great Spirit. The second problem is we take our free will and orgasticness and instead of "gathering together" gaining pleasure and knowledge, we create separation, pain and war of the sexes.

The key to relationship is to realize both peoples "Children's Fire" has the same intent - that is, to evolve and grow through pleasure, pure lust and knowledge. We must gain knowledge by making love an act of power, not a pain game.

Lust is called the Door of the Great Paradox. It is a message we will step into a higher state, flaming on or like a moth attracted to a flame it will burn us. Here is a formula to help you discern the difference between Love equaling Pain verses Power equals Love equals Wisdom.

Love = Pain
We fall in love. The word fall denotes hurting oneself, being off balance, falling out of your center. Ask anyone who has fallen in love if they experienced pain in that love - how about a divorce rate of over 80% of all married couples?

Power = Love = Wisdom
means to assume authority, take responsibility and be spiritually accountable.

Love is to do the will of another, falling in love is acting out of an emotional charge. You change your plans; your life turns upside down, and becomes a reflection of your lover's needs, wants and desires. You lose yourself when you "fall" in love.

Wisdom, is knowing the difference. You must choose to Love as an Act of Power, which creates co-empowerment, not co-dependency.

Love can be the most powerful force on the planet when it is guided by wisdom.

Give Thanks this November for the Healthy Love and Passion you have in your life. For the Wisdom you have acquired over the years learning from painful relationships.


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