The Freedom of Nudity
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

Do you sit around your pool or jacuzzi nude with your friends, enjoying good talk and an ice tea? Do you walk around the house with as little on as possible during these sweltering hot days of summer? Do you take the diaper off your youngest and let them feel the freedom of their body without constraints?

What is your attitude about nudity? Do you enjoy the beauty of the female form or the strong lines of the masculine? Do nudity and sex go hand in hand? If one is nude, is it a sexual statement? Are you comfortable with your body whatever shape you are in or are you embarrassed and would not be caught nude if your life depended on it?

One of the most freeing, exhilarating experiences is to walk outside nude, feel the sun and the wind or the rain on your beautifully natural nude body. The other night our monsoon rains finally swept through our valley. There was lightening and thunder. The earth was so hot it was steaming as the cool rains plummeted from the heavens. Where were you? I was standing nude off the back porch of a friend's house wrapped in the sweltering heat of summer as slapping cold raindrops hit my body. My soul was soaring as the lightening kissed the earth, Freedom, Freedom to experience and revel in the power of nature. Is this sexual? In one way it is, in its most natural form. Did an orgy follow? NO! Did I feel alive and sexually vibrant? Yes!

Nudity is a wonderful freeing experience. Responsible people do not run amock because their clothes are off. Men, women and children can enjoy nudity in the privacy of their home and pool. If children are raised with responsible nudity you will be saving them years of shame and self-loathing. All shapes and sizes are natural. We do not have to live being ashamed of our bodies.

If we desire to bring sensuality to nudity we can direct our thoughts and energy to that end. The human form is an artistic expression created by the Great Spirit. Humans created clothes and shame, not God. For most women we are too critical of our own bodies. We do not see what a man sees when he is admiring the female form. Here is an exercise you can do with your partner. Stand nude together in front of a long mirror. First state the things you do not like about your body - be gentle with yourself. Then state what you like about your body. After you have both done this now tell your partner what you like and love about their body. The thing you do not like may be the very aspect of your body that your partner loves. Accept the compliment.

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