Flesh and Spirit
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

We are both flesh and spirit. To the extent that we honor our sexuality we also honor our spirit. We are born to experience pleasure, to know ourselves as sensual, sexual human beings. It is proven that babies in the womb play with their genitals. However, may of us have been taught to suppress our pleasure, particularly the joy we feel in expressing our sexuality. In so doing, we hide our sexuality from our loved ones and rob ourselves of our creative life-force energy.

Sexual pleasure is both a natural and essential part of human experience. Rather than being at odds with our spiritual nature, our sexual nature plays a vital role in our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. To be whole means to understand and give value to conscious sexual expression. It means to be both spiritual and sexual. Sacred sexuality is the secret to living longer and restoring youthful vigor.

When we honor our sacred sexuality we are in alignment with the primordial life force energy, the infinite diversity and abundance of the universe from which everything is created. When we make love we create the merging of two magical energy fields. A third energy is then created that is greater than the sum of its parts. Every time you make love you are tapping into this primordial life force with the potential of the everything.

You can manifest your dreams and desires at this time with a little forethought and discipline. Get into the habit of stating a prayer or affirmation as close to your orgasm as possible. Think about it beforehand so you are making a positive statement followed by gratitude. For example, "I am financial security and independence, please and thank you" or "Thank you for my completed products and publications with financial success".

We are meant to use our sexual energy consciously. Conscious sexuality is sacred. It opens the channels of your heart. You learn how to communicate more honestly. Enjoy more intimate relationships with yourself and others. You can heal past wounds of fear, shame, and guilt around your sexuality. You can transcend beliefs that have limited your passion for life. As you explore sexual energy you will learn about different types and levels of orgasms, and expand your body's capacity to hold more intensely satisfying orgasms, to your pleasure and amazement.

Your exploration of your sexuality is a powerful tool for sacred transformation. It will reflect your self-worth and self-esteem. How do you feel about your body? No matter the size do you enjoy feeling sexual and being sexual? Emotionally, do you close down and find excuses not to be sexual? Why not work on the original cause of your sexual guilt, shame or repression instead of acting like nothing is wrong? Mentally have you really explored the great world of sacred sexual practices from many different traditions? There are books, videotapes and workshops where you can educate yourself - or have you accepted hook line and sinker what you have been taught by your parents and religion?

Through sacred sexually you can discover who you really are. You can find peace of mind, inspiration of spirit and wholeness of body.


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