Early Ejaculation –
Premature Ejaculation

More prevalent in today's society then anyone wants to talk about!

By INA "Laughing Winds" Mlekush  M.A.M.F.C.C. 
Sex Counselor    A.S.S.E.C.T. CERTIFIED 

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There is no one to talk to when you have early ejaculation, better known as premature.  There is nothing premature about it.  The feelings are there the passion is overwhelming and the ejaculation is full and powerful and feels wonderful. It just comes earlier then desired.  You would like to be able to maintain intercourse for at least 10 minutes and 20 would be like a miracle. You want to please your partner and a 2-minute fuck is not doing it.

The medical profession wants to give you shots, pharmaceuticals. This is not a solution this is money making for the pharmaceutical companies and the weekly visits to the doctor. You are dealing with the symptom not the cause.

 I have some clients who are so embarrassed they have stopped making love to their wives and others who do not want to date.  Their fear is that the first love making session will be over too fast and their potential soon to be girlfriend will be gone and their wives will be disappointed once again.  Even though the wife says she does not mind.  Maybe she doesn't but you do!

Some of you have always experienced early ejaculation since you first began making love. Others are surprised when out of nowhere you lose control of your ejaculative response and are cuming faster and faster to you and your partner's dismay. What happened, why is this happening now? What can I do about it?

Early Ejaculation no matter how long you have been experiencing it, no matter if it happens every time or more often then you like, Can be Resolved! It is not the squeeze method.  I will give you a brief explanation;

  1. Do not jerk off, no fast masturbation. You are training your body to cum quickly. Slow down take 15 to 20 minutes to masturbate. 
  2. You need to strengthen your Puboccocygeus Muscle, PC for short.  This is the muscle that when you have an erection you make your cock bob back and forth.. Contract it 200 x twice a day.
  3. Your prostate will be massaged as you do this isometric exercise.
  4. 3 x a week -Practice by self-pleasuring/masturbating and stopping before the point of no return. Give it a good couple minutes to catch the timing. You will begin to recognize the tension when making love and do the same thing as below.
  5. Contract your P.C. muscle while at the same time inhaling deeply with the intent of drawing your sexual energy down your cock like it was a straw and pulling it up to your solar plexus, trace the line, cock to solar plexus, with your fingers.
  6. Repeat a total of 5 times, build and plateau with each time taking approximately 5 minutes.
  7. Let yourself ejaculate on the 5th build, a total of 15 – 20 minutes.  Make sound, tilt your head back, mouth open and go for it.
  8. Your ejaculation will be more enjoyable & intense when you do release.
  9. You will have trained yourself to recognize when you are nearing the point of no return and control it with breath and intent.

Please note; For Success a full explanation with technique details is necessary.
I have been working with clients for over 15 years and in the very first session they experience being able to control their ejaculative response.

As a Sexual Counselor I am very frustrated that Early Ejaculation is not being talked about and dealt with in a healthy none pharmaceutical way.  Approximately 80% of clients call and ask about early ejaculation.

I am doing a RESEARCH PROJECT and ask you IF you have Early Ejaculation fill out the questionnaire. You will remain anonymous.  With your help perhaps we can open the closed door and bring solution and peace of mind to the wonderful men who ejaculate early.

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