Crowning Your King
By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy
There is a fantasy that almost all women will tell you they have – if they're being honest with you. That fantasy is to be ravished by their lover. Taken in such a passionate demanding way that the thought of fighting melts away as their body responds so wildly that the man is lost in her cries of desire for him. There is a fantasy that hides deep within a woman's womb, to be able to give herself completely to her man. Yet the only way she can give this deep part of herself is if he is able to ravish her and take it.

Yes, this is a paradox. This is where the difficulty lies.

The woman must be sexually healthy, vibrant and alive, even if there has been sexual abuse in her life. She can heal herself from that and truly experience why the Great Spirit made woman as the passionate mystery that she is. And it is every man's quest to explore that mystery and discover the hidden treasures of her body. He intuitively knows that within her womb he feels himself to be a King. When she looks deep into his eyes and knows the very essence of his seed, spirit and soul lie deep within her, at that moment she feels the sacredness of who she is and can crown him her King. For the woman to be able to achieve this state, she must surrender to her passion and give herself deeper and deeper to the experience. Something will awaken inside that is pure power and spirit.

When this happens, magic happens.

What the healthy, vibrant man must be able to do is to control his erection and ejaculation, sometimes for hours. He must make love to all of her: body, mind, spirit and soul - without rushing. He must take his time, breathing to pace himself so he does not get over-stimulated and ejaculate before he chooses to. Build the passion, and then let it plateau to build again. His sensitivity and awareness of her breath will begin to lead him to her treasure. Her body movements and sounds of sensual delight will be the signposts that lead him to the path of his Kingdom.

Men have different needs. Yes, a clean home and a good meal is nice but men would rather have a good fuck. Men buy homes and go into debt and do whatever they have to do to attract a woman and provide for her so they have a partner who respects them and makes them feel desired. They feel like a million bucks and can take the world on, for us, their woman. Whether it is true or not does not matter as long as in your eyes he is your man, your hunk, your King, because only a Queen can crown a King.

Sacred Sexuality awakens something so deep in both of us - it is then that we see why the Great Spirit made man and woman, not to war with each other but to make love. Heal and free yourselves from dogma and fear based reprisal. Discover the naturalness and spiritual ecstasy hidden deep within your desires.


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