By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

December is a busy time of year with family, parties, shopping, and office gatherings. Do you feel more sexual, romantic with the holiday spirit and cooler weather?
Or are you feeling overwhelmed with each day that passes?

Your sexual energy can be your best friend. The higher your sex drive, the more intimacy with self and others you engage in, the less stressed out you will be. You can start with the warmth of a good full body hug. Do not rush it. Hold each other and let go of your mental to-do list. Melt and feel your body against each other. This is a delicious little snack that can keep you going for hours. Ladies, men like their cocks to be held. Caress his cock over his pants or better yet slip your hand inside. A little cock snuggle goes a long way. Men, women love their face, neck, back to be gently stroked. Yes, we are different. Do not grab our boobs or pussy unless you have a very sexual woman in your life.

Once or twice during the month go to work late, get home early or take a long lunch break. Arrange to have a little nookie. You have 30 days. Between the two of you, look at your calendars and find two spaces of time to fuck. Make it happen – no excuses. Dress or undress for the occasion. Men: we need to see you have taken the time to seduce us with your attire. Go to Frederick’s and buy yourself some male sexy bedroom attire. Yum, Yum.

Are you single, no one in your life at this time? No problem! Give yourself an early holiday present and have a nice sensual massage. There is nothing wrong with this especially if there is no one in your life at this time. We need to be touched and loved unconditionally. If you had a toothache you would go to a professional and not think anything of it. Why put a negative moralistic value on a highly skilled profession that has been with us for thousands of years? Learn to take care of your self.

Some of you may have a great sex life that does not take a dip during the holidays. How can you amp the energy, increase your passion and intensity in your active love life? Variety really does help. Making love at different times, in different locations wearing sexual attire and surprising each other when not expected. Women, flash your man, wearing a garter belt, hose and a pretty black bra when you pick him up from the airport or he walks in the door at home. Ladies, you may think your hips are too big but he doesn’t. Men, run a hot bubble bath for her. Do not climb in with her, you are too big. Let her bask in the bubbles and turn music on for her. Have the bed turned down and ready.

It is the Holiday Season! Make it the most intimate, passionate playful and sexually fun month of the year.


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