Can’t Get It Up, Can’t Get It Down, Can’t Get It!!!!

By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

When a client sits down in my office, they are not usually asking to learn about spiritual sexuality. They have relationship or sexual issues. The spiritual teaching comes in when they realize their soul is dying and one cannot separate sexuality and spirituality. They’ve made decisions which so impacted their life they’ve finally decided to seek professional council. Can you imagine waiting years to deal with an abcessed tooth or a broken arm? That is what we do when it comes to issues of sexual matters.

See if you recognize any of these issues in your own life:

“I have been married 30 years and have not had sex with my wife for the past 10. I am a very sensual man. My family hugged, my wife’s family did not. I understood our differences and when we first got married we had good sex. After the kids were born it became less and less. I felt like I was taking advantage of her every time I wanted to make love, like she was doing me a favor. Her lack of response was a rejection I couldn’t take any more. I eventually stopped approaching her for sex, which was fine with her! Over the years she refused to have any kind of intimacy. We give each other a peck on the cheek. After 10 years of not being touched. I am going mad!”

“I ejaculate too soon (premature ejaculation). Sometimes I can last 10 minutes when I am inside her. Other times, I come almost immediately. I have always been this way (or it has been in the last year that this is happening and I do not know why). Can I learn how to control my ejaculative response to last longer?”

“I am not a good kisser. I have stopped asking women out, because when we get to the end of the evening, I know once I kiss them, they will never go out with me again. It has happened. I have a friend coming into town to visit and we have never made love. I want to learn how to kiss, so with any luck she will want to make love to me instead of running away.”

“I am 42 and in good physical condition. My wife loves the way I make love to her. When I would ask her to do some sensual sexy things I like, she flat out refused. I started having erection problems 3 years ago and have been taking Viagra. I get amazing hard-ons. The problem is I cannot ejaculate (retarded ejaculation). My wife will ride me and have multiple orgasms, which is great, but after a while I just need to ejaculate. It may not seem like a problem but I get so angry and frustrated. She does not seem to care as long as she gets what’she wants.”

First, these problems were all resolved, second, without medication. It is a lack of sexual knowledge that represses the human spirit.

Do not wait! Call and receive the wisdom, coaching and touch that heals the body, mind, spirit, and soul.


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