Be a Valentine

By Ina Mlekush M.A. M.F.C.C.

The attitude of gifting and love are a part of our life more then once a year. We have hopefully recovered from the financial outflow of the holiday spirit and have been enjoying the routine of work, family, friends and a bit of play on the weekends. Now we are being bombarded with February 14, Valentines Day. Are you going to buy a card and box of candy and let it go at that? Are you going to buy into the commercialization or are you going to create a day that truly has meaning for you? My attitude is any excuse will do to show love, passion and caring to another. So why not add something special to Valentines Day and become a Valentine – or should I say become a lover of life?

What would it cost you to be consciously considerate on Wednesday the 14th to everyone you meet? How many honest compliments can you give to the people in your life from co-workers, to employees, to lovers, friends, children and parents? How about the stranger you are passing in the store? Can you tell them how nice/attractive they look, male or female? If you are sincere you will not get in trouble for flirting or coming-on to them.

For you, what would a “Lover of Life” look like? 
If you do not have a clue I recommend you watch the move Don Juan De Marco. Watch it before Valentines Day and listen carefully to how the young Don Juan describes the beauty of each woman he makes love to. Fall in love with life again and love sharing your life with that special person. No matter how busy you are on Wednesday February 14th take the time to love who you are, what you are doing in life and who you love doing it with.

If you want to enjoy a nice sexual interlude for Valentines Day then plan the time and space for the event. It does not take the passion away if you do a little planning. It will eliminate being too tired, the kids being under foot, the day getting away from you and the old routine of “later honey” from happening. You plan your business hours and your business meetings and you get allot accomplished! Apply a little business sense to your home life and you will create the space for romance and passion.

As you read this article write notes in your calendar on Wednesday the 14th as a reminder.

  1. Conscious Consideration – give compliments today.
  2. Be a Lover of Life today
  3. Love Who I am, What I am doing and Who I am doing it with.
  4. Buy flowers for self and other. Men like flowers too!
  5. Make time for lovemaking = Get child sitter or rent hotel room early or
    make love then take her/him out to dinner.

If you do not have a love-of-your-life at this time then love your self and book a massage sensual or therapeutic. Take your best friend or parent(s) out for a meal. Go golfing or to the Scottsdale Gun club for an evening of shooting. Love yourself on this day in a special way.


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