Ina Laughing WindsThe most difficult subject to talk about, even after years of being with someone, is your sex life. The frustration from not getting your sexual needs met can be overwhelming.

Your first initial session is to see if we are a match. I am an expert in my field. From testimonials of others you can see my integrity. I will not work with you if I do not have the skills you need.

I work with couples and individuals. Are you dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, Early (Premature) Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation (it's too much work to ejaculate), Loss of Libido – no matter your age or death of your partner with years of celibacy? Limited experience with Female Orgasms? Do not know how to have a Female Ejaculation from your G-spot and not interested? Relationship falling apart? No sex for months at a time? Not talking about it?

I will not waste your time or money.

You have a problem? You can go to a dentist with a toothache or a doctor if you are sick, but if you have a sexual problem, it is still a "taboo" to go for SEX THERAPY for most people.
Overcome your embarrassment and Work with Me.

No Problems? You just want to become a better lover? You can learn new skills and Sacred Spiritual Sexuality techniques that you may have never imagined possible.

You will get straight answers to any and all of your questions, sexual issues or self-improvement! Become the lover you desire to be.

In Beauty and Strength,

Ina Laughing Winds


  I have been reading your monthly newsletters for almost a year now, and I want to convey just how much I appreciate your messages.  They are timely, inspiring and so helpful.  I really appreciate your effort in distinguishing the subtle and not so subtle differences in men’s and women’s emotional natures and sexual expression.
    I am most grateful for your exploration and teaching of the sacred arts and spirituality of human sexuality - the most extraordinary gift bestowed upon us by our creator.

In Gratitude and Appreciation,

Cincinnati, OH


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